Qiqqa Kinda On Kindle Fire


I got a Kindle Fire to play with today! One of the first apps I wanted to try was Qiqqa for Andriod.  Install was a breeze following the instructions for the “conventional method” found here.

Note: You will need a micro-usb cable as Amazon does not include it with the Fire.  (Lacking the cable you can probably use the Box.net app instead of dropbox following the instructions for that on the above link but I haven’t tried it myself.)

Sadly, my Qiqqa libraries aren’t showing up even after resyncing to the servers. I suspect this means I have not yet successfully updated my libraries for android.  Not for lack of trying, of course, I clicked the brain eating driod icon and dutifully followed the instructions (twice) and still nada.


I’m sure Qiqqa will be me sorted out quickly but it’s it means that this initial review is quite short.